Before we talk about Quantum computers or even normal computers, let’s do a refresher course in Physics. If you really want to understand the fantastic science behind quantum computers, then it is important to understand certain behavior of mother nature. If you feel that you are a version of Schrodinger’s cat where you either possess and not possess (at the same time) the knowledge of basic quantum behavior of nature, then you can directly jump to the section “What is a Qubit”.

Intro to Quantum Mechanics

In our school, it was told to us that, everything in this world is made up of atoms…

The answer to Life, Universe and Everything:

The first time when a human would have ventured out of the cave, that person would have got so many questions in the mind when gazed at sky. It is a human tendency to ask a question, to be curious, to look for answers, to seek more than just survival.

These questions, and the curiosity to find the answers has given birth to both science and religion. It’s just the hunger of human mind to find out answers to the questions, where ever it can be found.

Every ordinary or extraordinary person whoever has ever found a answer to any…

Data is the new gold. The amount of data produced each year is almost doubling each year. It means, last year we have produced more data, than it was produced till last year. This is exponential expansion, a blast of data.

Data also needs storage. We store data in various forms, like we write it in notebooks or diaries, or store it digitally in our digital devices. Now a days we are using cloud to store our data, but this so called cloud is just remotely placed data centers or servers which have huge capacity to store data.

A google cloud data center, which is just a glorified stacked up hard drives, RAMs and CPUs.

In just…

Do you have any “Problem”?

We live in a world of chaos. We solve problems on daily basis, some are trivial and some are complex. It’s in our nature to solve the problems, to find out the solution, and not just solution, we always tend to find out optimized solution.

For example, let’s say you are getting late and you want to reach office on time (yeah.. once upon a time — a pre March 2020 era). You know that your usual route to office might be congested due to peak traffic hours, so you would decide to take some alternate route. You would calculate…

I wrote this piece on Quora long time back, and I thought it’s time when I should share it with larger Medium audience.

It all started with some questions like — What is string theory? How is it related to black holes? What is happening at the LHC? What are sub atomic particles? How is their discovery contributing to string theory (in layman’s terms)?

So, I tried to talk in as common terms as possible, and yet try to engage the reader who may have just middle school knowledge of Physics.

Before we talk about String theory or black holes…

I am working as a Sr. Technical Analyst at SenecaGlobal, Inc.

There are certain standard coding practices which are defined by PEP (Python Enhancement Proposals).

So, I am writing down some of the most common standard coding practices, pep8 and international standards.

Python pep8 style guide —

Object Naming:

  • Any variable, method, object or module name should be in snake case. Ex. my_var, def my_method()
  • Object/variable name should not be a python keyword or any inbuilt python method name. Eg. str, for, type etc.
  • _ (underscore) is a valid variable name, and it can be used when the variable will not…

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